Features Overview

Discover what CloudShot can do for you

Instant screenshot capturing and sharing

Never miss a thing you want to capture: CloudShot takes the shot of the entire screen right after you pressed Shot hotkey, click on a tray icon or select Shot in tray menu.

Crop the area you want to shot, add notes if you need you, and hit Upload button. After upload is complete, link will be automatically copied to the clipboard. Just paste to you IM message, email or task manager and share it with others!

Image editor

Need to add some comments on top? Use powerful and stylish image editor. Your edits will always look nice and clean!

All graphical tools are extremely user-friendly but yet quite professional.

Gif Record

Tired of explaining sequence of steps with text or voice? Just record it once and share GIF file with a demo.

CloudShot has quite impressive set of options for recording:

  • Follow mouse mode allows to record of small area with cursor always in the center
  • Pause and resume recording
  • Review GIF you made in built-in player
  • Restart record in the same area in a single click

Extensive hotkeys

Are you keyboard ninja? All tools and functions are already binded for you!

We have added all typical hotkeys like Ctrl + Enter for uploading and F2 for text changing. Feel free to try all hotkeys you know, or just follow instructions in the tooltips we have for all tools.

Dual screen support

Modern development can't be imagined without dual screen setup. And CloudShot has full support for that. You can even make a screenshot with parts on both screens!

All possible ways for sharing a screenshot

Save your shot as a file, copy it to clipboard, upload via FTP or share using cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Cloud services integration

With CloudShot you have quite a lot of options for uploading your shots:

  • Dropbox
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Google Drive
  • Imgur
This feature gives you a whole bunch of benefits:
  • Share you shots with links via Skype, Viber, email and even social networks
  • Customizable links: direct, regular or shorten
  • Get your shots on all your devices with no limits or any payments
  • Full control on access management and privacy
  • Review and Delete unwanted shots any time
  • Option to discuss shots with other Dropbox users

Imgur integration

Imgur is an online image hosting service. Using Imgur for upload your shots gives you same benefits as Dropbox. But additionally you can upload images without registration - no account is needed.

FTP upload for http/https access

Public sharing is simple and awesome, but some development WIPs require certain privacy. CloudShot can upload images to FTP server in your studio, keeping everything protected and controlled by your internal IT-team.

You can setup public or private access to your shots via http/https, review and manage all images any time.

Network and local drives

If you need privacy but don't have time for FTP setup, you can setup CloudShot to upload images to network drives. This will provide common access to all shots you've made to user in you internal network with 100% protection of unwanted access from outside.

Whole setup as easy as picking target folder. Few clicks, and you are done!

Some cool feature is missing?

Let us know about it: [email protected]

It might be planned already, or even done