About us

Who we are and why we are creating CloudShot

We are an army of three passionate perfectionists. We are totally mad about inconsistency and imperfections of modern software. And CloudShot is our message to the developers and to the whole world:

CloudShot is what software is meant to be when developers do really care

We use CloudShot everyday to share our thoughts, observations and WIPs of what we develop. We use CloudShot to be better developers. And we want to help people all around the world to share what they see on their screens.

We are tired of limitations other apps have. We can't stand creepy and barely usable tools for commenting and adding notes. That's why we created CloudShot and shared it with you.

We are not trying to earn money with CloudShot. This is our way to make a product for ourselves in the way we see it. We are open to all of your requests and comments, but please be patient - we invest our after work time in CloudShot, and we can not deliver as fast as a commercial product. But on the bright side we are independent, and there's no marketing or manager bullshit in what we do.

Archil Tskhondiya

Technological heart of CloudShot project

Dmitry Astapkovich

UI, UX, Product Strategy and Web Development

Simon Korzunov

Deep and rich feature implementation

Special thanks

CloudShot could not happen without support

First of all, we want thank our wonderful wives, who let us spent lots of free time on CloudShot creation. Thank you for all your support and love you give us!

Also we want to say "Thank you" to our friends, collegues and co-workers, who are using CloudShot and give us feedback on what we do. Many insights, great features and bug fixes were made with your help.

And we'll never forget the great experience we had together in Nival. We all met there, so CloudShot was not possible without studio founder Sergey Orlovsky. Serj, thank you for your extreme game development passion and everything you did for the Nival team.

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