CloudShot Changelog

True story of how we brought our application to the highest level of perfection

Your feedback helped us to improve CloudShot:

  • Fixed authentication issues with Imgur
  • Improved notification messages
  • Several stability improvements and crash fixes

Thank you, CloudShotters!

Thanks to new analytics system we found sevearal bugs and fixed them:

  • Improved error messages
  • Little bit decreased memory consumption
  • Fixed System.Diagnostics.Process.StartWithShellExecuteEx exception
  • Stability improvements and crash fixes

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed authorization exception in Dropbox storage
  • Fixed configuration file parsing errors
  • Fixed 'Open image after shot' in systems without default browser
  • Fixed crash during saving screenshot to existing file
  • Fixed crash after shot when Clipboard is locked by another process
  • Stability improvements.

We spent 2016 improving our infrastructure:

  • New autoupdate system called Squirell. Same technology is used for Slack and other top-notch IT software
  • Improved OAuth2 implementation. Sounds nerdy but as result now we have Google Drive and OneDrive storages. Drobox and Imgur plugins works better as well
  • Now portable version is truly portable
  • Settings window is redesigned
  • Usage analytic added. It's 100% safe and anonymous, and will help us a lot to understand user needs. But if you don't like this idea, you can always turn it off in settings.

This release is all about making things better. We made some functional tweaks and fixed some bugs:

  • Figures settings are saved during editing and between taking shots. Also properties dropdown does not disappears until you need it: change as many things as you need, and click outside the menu when you're done.
    This sounds like a minor tweak, but it changes editing quite a lot. Check it out:
  • Crop and record will always be on the screen from now, it's impossible to drag them out and make unreachable
  • You can now move whole crop are with arrows and Shift+arrows (same as figures). Helps a lot for precise shots
  • Now you can make shot by clicking on the desktop icon or even pin it to the task bar
  • Shot of topmost window now can be edited correctly. In previous version CloudShot stayed under the topmost window, making it impossible to edit the shot
  • Full retina support: we have added high resolution icons and cursors
  • And about dozen of other tweaks and improvements

We moved from CodePlex and launched our official site!

This version is all about new stuff:

  • New storage: Imgur. Using Imgur for upload your shots gives you same benefits as Dropbox. But additionally you can upload images without registration - no account is needed.
  • New storage: FTP. Some development WIPs require certain privacy. CloudShot can upload images to FTP server in you studio, keeping everything protected and controlled by your internal IT-team
  • Updated and polished UI both for Editor and Settings
  • Improved Editor UX
  • New GIF recording window

First version of Editor

First version on GIF recording added.

Very beginning. Only screenshots with Dropbox and local/network drive uploads.

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